Resident Testimonials

We are fortunate that many of our residents, their families and visiting dignitaries appreciate the work Victoria Home is doing. Below are several that we are especially proud of:

Our mother was a resident in room 109 since November, 2012. She passed away on January 21, 2018 in Phelps Memorial Hospital. For five years, she received highest quality nursing care in Victoria Home. You have a group of staffs, who excel in what they do. But more important, it is their work ethics, attention to details and courtesy made the difference. We would like to express our special thanks to Daisy Franco, Director of Nursing, Lynn Doble, Supervisor, and Dr. Ramdas. They seem to be always there to help and treat my mother. We would like to thank some of the outstanding nurses: Diana Rattoballi, Dawn Pickett-Parham, Walda Taveras and Regina. For DNAs, we would like to thank Delmy, Delci and Sterling. We want to thank Nancy Korte for helping the family to resolve so many issues occurred during the last five years.

We have a donation of $1,000 for Victoria Home. We appreciate the great job you did in taking care of our mother during the last five years of her wonderful 115 years of life.

Joseph, George and Tom

“Over these many years I have visited on a daily basis and always felt so welcome and could visibly see the great care all residents received. My Mom and I felt part of a large extended family and I never worried about her. I knew she was in good hands. The residents are very lucky to have such a fine and caring staff. Don’t ever change.”

Elaine D.

“It was obvious to all our family that Marie felt happy, comfortable and secure. We know the atmosphere and the staff at Victoria were responsible for this feeling of contentment, which was evidenced in that she barely complained to us about her health or that she was in pain. Many times when we would visit her, she would shoo us away so she could attend bingo or some other activity. She was very much interested in all the happenings at Victoria!”

Arthur O.

“All members of Hope Harrold’s family extends their gratefulness to each of you who cared for Hope throughout her seven years at Victoria Home. Your hard working, dedicated, caring efforts are so appreciated by the families, as you daily promote the quality of lives for your fragile, dear residents. You truly are angels to each of those gentle souls entrusted in your care.”

Joyce H.

“I have observed the consistent, meticulous care your staff gives her in their steady, conscientious way. Her physical needs are so carefully tended to and it is satisfying to a concerned daughter. Add to the fine care the kind, thoughtful attention which your staff gives to her with so much patience and respect!”

Mrs. Mary Ann J.

“Victoria Home is truly blessed with a wonderful, caring and sensitive staff that was always accessible and available. A special thank you to Nancy Korte for her valuable professional advice and kind support she provided us. Your nursing staff is truly remarkable; many thanks to Marjory who was always available to discuss my father and, Debbie, God bless her, a real sincere and compassionate individual. Your medical staff that was there for me when my father became ill, their patience and guidance helped me make those difficult decisions.”

Joseph J. C.

“It was especially comforting for us, being so far away, to know that (Virginia) was being treated with so much patience and understanding. We also know that there were some difficult and trying periods during her care. In each incident, we experienced nothing but cooperation and kindly concern from you and your staff. We are eternally grateful.”

Sue B.

“…this letter is not intended to be about (Vera,) but about what I observed of the care she was given in Victoria Home. The nurses and aides seemed always to be very kind, patient and thoughtful. She was well taken care of physically. And classical music, which she enjoyed, was usually played on the radio in her room. The Home too was well taken care of; it was not only clean but what is important for people who have had to give up their own homes, it was tastefully furnished and nicely decorated on holiday occasions.

Bettina G.

“My mother was recently admitted after a distasteful stay at another nursing facility and Victoria Home is so far a breath of fresh air. Everyone from the professional staff to the attending staff is pleasant and accommodating. They seem to have predisposition to help rather than hinder in every respect, and indifference is not something I have ever experienced on any level….”

Online Review

“My grandfather was a resident at Victoria Home for about 3 years and I have to agree that it truly is a family like atmosphere. They provided wonderful care in a warm and friendly way and always treating my grandfather with dignity and respect during his fight with Alzheimer’s.”

Melissa N.