Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a lot of money to live at Victoria Home?

No. Victoria Home accepts both Medicare, Medicaid and self-pay.

Do I have to be British to get into Victoria Home?

No. Victoria Home was originally founded by a British organization nearly 100 years ago, however today, the Home accepts people of all nationalities, races and religions.

When I am ready to be discharged from the hospital, do I have to go to one of the Nursing Homes on the hospital’s “list”, or can I choose one of my own?

You may go to any home or facility of your choice. Victoria Home does not need to be on the hospital discharge planners “list”. Simply ask them to send us a “PRI” to get the process started.

If a room is not available at Victoria Home when I am ready, may I transfer to Victoria Home later?

Yes, you may transfer to Victoria Home from your home, the hospital, or even from another nursing home if a room wasn’t available when you first needed it.

Am I responsible for paying for my loved one?

No, when a Resident’s funds run out, Victoria Home will assist with Medicaid/Medicare applications.

What kind of food does Victoria Home provide? Does everyone eat in the main dining room?

Victoria Home provides three home cooked meals per day as well as a wide variety of special diets as ordered by Medical staff. We also serve in-between meal snacks and nourishments. We have three areas where Residents eat according to the level of assistance they need.

How many Nurses are available for Residents?

The amount of Nurses and CNAs (Certified Nurses Aides) varies with each shift.
Day 7 am – 3 pm 3 Nurses, 7 CNAs
Evening 3 pm – 11 pm 2 Nurses, 6 CNAs
Nights 11 pm –7 am 1 Nurse, 6 CNAs

What kind of therapy is provided at Victoria Home?

Victoria Home provides physical, occupational and speech therapy.

How many Nursing Stations are at Victoria Home?

There is one Nursing Station located on the first floor at Victoria Home.

Can I bring my own furniture to Victoria Home?

Yes, anything that can fit safely in the room, and make your room comfortable for you is welcome.

Do you provide any extra services for Residents?

We provide a laundry and housekeeping service for each resident at no extra cost. Each Resident has a laundry bag and laundry is done daily. We also offer a hair salon service. We have a salon area set up in the Home, and a certified hair dresser comes in twice a week. The Hairdresser charges you directly for the service.

Are there activities at Victoria Home?

There are daily activities here at Victoria Home for all Residents. We also provide special activities for Residents with cognitive impairment and dementia.